Wrinkles Reduction

What is Botox?

Botox (botulinum toxin type A) is a protein produced by the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum and has been used in medicine for many years. Originally, Botox was applied in ophthalmology – it provided patients with temporary relief from uncontrollable blinking and spasming of the eye and surrounding area. It was also successful in patients with facial spasms, neck and shoulder spasms, even vocal cord spasms. Its cosmetic qualities were discovered by accident – while used when treating partial facial palsy, it was observed that Botox considerably reduced the appearance of facial wrinkles.

How does Botox work?

Botox blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can no longer contract and becomes less stiff which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften.

What type of wrinkles is Botox used for?

Botox isn't unfortunately a universal method effective in fighting all types of wrinkles. Because of its specific properties it is most often used on:

  • forehead lines
  • crow's feet (lines around the eye)
  • frown lines (glabella)

Botox is also very useful in treating excess sweating (face, palms, feet and armpits).

What are the contraindications to Botox injections?

  • pregnancy and breast feeding
  • defective neuro-muscular transmission (e.g. myasthenia gravis)
  • allergy to human albumin
  • some blood coagulation disorders
  • drugs interfering with the neuromuscular function (e.g. aminoglycosides, curare-like non-depolarising blockers)
  • skin infections
  • too young age (below 18) – young people have not developed dynamic wrinkles
  • age above 65 – in case of older people, the majority of wrinkles are static ones on which Botox doesn't have desirable effects.

How is the Botox procedure performed?

The patient is placed in a somewhat raised position on the exam table, and the areas to be injected are cleansed with a nonalcohol cleanser. The procedure is usually carried out without any anaesthetic but in case of very sensitive patients a topical aesthetic, such as Emla cream can be applied 30 minutes prior to the treatment. Botox is then injected into the desired areas with a very fine needle. The procedure lasts 10-15 minutes.

What are the post treatment recommendations?

Straight after the treatment and for the following couple of hours, the patient should avoid lying down. If bruising is a concern, it will be important for the patient to avoid taking aspirin or related products, such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or naproxen (Aleve), if possible, after the procedure to keep bruising to a minimum. The patient shouldn't massage or scrape the areas where Botox was injected. It is not recommended to use a solarium for a week after the treatment.

When does the desired effect appear and how long does it last for?

The final result will be evident within a week but the first softening of wrinkles can be observed after a few days. The desired effect of naturally younger and smoother skin is known to last for 3-12 months. In case of deep wrinkles, the procedure needs to be repeated after 3 months.

What are the possible adverse effects?

Injections with botulinum toxin are generally well tolerated and there are few side effects. Among the most common ones might be minimal swelling, occasionally some bruising, and slight muscle tightening. In very rare cases, flu-like symptoms can occur lasting a day or two. Transient eyelid drooping is sometimes seen, and settles within 2-3 weeks.


As we grow older, our skin gradually loses the collagen that helps to shape and support it. Natural lines and wrinkles deepen. Sun exposure, smoking, air pollution and even stress can all age your appearance. The face can also begin to lose volume giving sunken cheeks and a dragged down appearance. Dermal fillers, made of hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite can help you to gently erase wrinkles and add volume to your skin in a subtle way.

What are hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite?

Hyaluronic acid is a type of sugar (polysaccharide) that is naturally occurring in body tissues, such as skin and cartilage. It is able to combine with water and swell causing a smoothing/filling effect. When we are born, we have huge stocks of hyaluronic acid in our bodies and thanks to that our skin is elastic and plump. As we age, its levels decrease meaning that our skin is less well supported and hydrated, allowing lines and wrinkles to develop. Injected hyaluronic acid is non-toxic and biocompatible and it does not interfere with natural body processes. As it is gradually reabsorbed, it stimulates the creation of collagen. Which means that even when its completely gone, the skin is considerably more hydrated and has more elasticity that before the treatment.

What are indications for dermal fillers injections?

Dermal fillers are most often used for:

  • modelling the contour of the face (e.g. augmenting cheeks)
  • removing or softening frown lines between the eyebrows
  • reducing the wrinkles that can appear at the corners of the lips
  • enhancing the lips and improving their profile
  • filling out depressions (hollows) under the eye area
  • making indented scars from acne or chicken pox more even
  • adding volume and smoothing out the deep creases that run from nose to the mouth (called nasolabial folds or laugh lines)

What are the contraindications to dermal fillers injections?

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • autoimmune disorders
  • active infection near the site of injection
  • a known allergy/hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid
  • keloid-prone skin

How is the procedure performed?

Prior to the treatment being carried out, a topical local anaesthetic cream may be applied to ensure the treatment is pain free. Then after cleansing the area to be treated, the doctor injects small amounts of dermal filler directly into the skin using an ultrafine needle. The treatment can take up to 30 minutes and its results can be observed instantly.

What are the post-treatment recommendations?

For two weeks after the treatment, the patient should avoid strong sun exposure as well as heat exposure (sauna).

How long does the desired effect last for?

The effect is instant and it lasts between 6-12 months.

What are the possible adverse effects?

You may experience some slight swelling or bruising to the area being injected but it typically doesn't last longer than 72 hours. In case of allergic reactions observed, please contact the doctor immediately.

The Medical Grade VI Peel

The VI Peel is a unique and revolutionary medical grade peel designed to achieve dramatic results after just one treatment.

It is the first chemical peel that synergistically combined powerful major acids in a pain free formulation, and launched the next generation of chemical peels to treat all skin types and conditions including the face, eye area, chest, hands, arms, knees, elbows and back, and won the "New and Notable" product award at the Medical Aesthetic Industry Stars awards in Los Angeles.

His proprietary treatment can be used on all skin types, ethnicities and genders and is painless and quick to heal. Dramatic results can be achieved in a single, short treatment.

No preparation to the skin is required, although recommended for improved results. It is quick and safe with minimum healing and downtime. The VI Peel is designed to improve the tone, texture and clarity of skin. It has been shown to give superior results for conditions like age/sun spots, freckles, rosacea and hyper-pigmentation including melasma and photo-damage. It will soften lines and wrinkles, clear acne skin conditions and help reduce acne scars. By stimulating the production of collagen, it results in firmer, radiant and more youthful skin.

Regular use of the VI Peel (two to four peels per year), along with proper home care to maintain results, has a cumulative effect in enhancing the appearance of skin and reversing sun damage and ageing:

  • Requires no skin preparation, however prepping the skin will enhance results
  • It is safe for all skin types including Asian, African and Caribbean
  • There is little to no down time
  • Improves sun damaged and ageing skin, stimulates collagen and elastin
  • Is safe to use on the whole eye area, lips, neck, chest, hands and body
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Effective treatment for pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, sun spots and melasma
  • Treats acne

The VI Peel comes in 4 variations:

  • VI Peel – A medium depth peel to treat all skin conditions, including sensitive skin.
  • VI Peel Precision – 25% stronger for a deeper, more intense result.
  • VI Peel Precision Plus – 25% stronger and designed to treat stubborn pigmentation
  • VI Peel Purify – A specific peel for acne, killing p. acnes, clearing impurities and calming inflammation, the associated uneven skin tone and to soften acne scars. This can also be mixed with Precision Plus for Acne and heavy pigmentation.

Each treatment includes a specific aftercare pack to use following the peel process at home being an essential part of the treatment results.


For years, needle mesotherapy has been one of the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine. It is an ideal method to revitalise and rejuvenate the skin. It is also very effective in the treatment of hair loss or cellulite.

What is needle mesotherapy?

It is a non-invasive technique based on superficial micro-injections, just below the epidermis, into the target tissues. The term 'mesotherapy' is derived from 'mesoderm' which means middle layer of the skin (approx. 1 mm deep). The solution injected can contain a wide range of minerals, vitamins (A, B, C, E, K), amino acids, hyaluronic acid and co-enzymes that can be tailored to patient's individual needs.

What are the indications for needle mesotherapy?

  • sagging skin (dry and dehydrated skin)
  • fine wrinkles
  • stretch marks
  • cellulite
  • hair loss

What are the contraindications to needle mesotherapy?

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • a known allergy/hypersensitivity to the injection ingredients
  • unregulated diabetes
  • active infection near the site of injection
  • some blood coagulation disorders
  • autoimmune disorders
  • keloid-prone skin

What are the effects of needle mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy of face, neck and neckline – deeply moisturises the skin, increases the elasticity, reduces wrinkles, combats sagging, evens the tone of skin. By stimulating the production of collagen, it can reduce acne scars and post-traumatic skin imperfections.

Mesotherapy of eyelids area – reduces bags and dark circles around eyes, increases skin elasticity and firmness, reduces fine wrinkles.

Mesotherapy for hair loss – stimulates hair growth, increases hair thickness and volume.

Mesotherapy of stretch marks – reduces stretch-marks and improves their appearance; stretchmarks become less visible and their colour becomes similar to normal skin tone.

Mesotherapy of cellulite – it smooths the skin, improves the microcirculation and lipolysis of skin.

What are the advantages of mesotherapy?

  • gradual improvement of skin condition
  • suitable for every skin type
  • effective for a wide range of conditions
  • short recovery period
  • minimal risk of allergy
  • no scars
  • highly effective

  • How is the procedure performed?

    Prior to the procedure, the Aesthetic Practitioner identifies and maps the area to be treated. Once the area is mapped and the site cleansed with alcohol, the Aesthetic Practitioner performs a series of superficial micro-injections. The patient may feel a mild pricking sensation, which is usually easily tolerated but to ensure the procedure is completely pain-free, a topical local anaesthetic cream may be applied 30 minutes before the procedure.

    How many treatments are needed to achieve the desired effect?

    The best effects are achieved after a series of treatments. However, the desired effects are already observed after the first treatment. The schedule of treatment sessions is adjusted to individual needs. Generally, it is recommended to undergo 3-6 treatments at 10-14 days' intervals.

    What are the post-treatment recommendations?

    For two weeks after the treatment, the patient should avoid strong sun exposure as well as heat exposure (sauna). Using a good sunscreen is strongly recommended to avoid skin discoloration.

    What are the possible side effects?

    Directly after the procedure, there might be some redness or mild swelling at the place of injection. Some bruising might also occur but all the above symptoms disappear within hours or days after the treatment.


    Medical Skin Needling Mesotherapy with the use of a Dermaroller\DernmaPen is an innovative method to achieve skin lifting and tightening without deep injection skin treatments and plastic surgery. The procedure is excellent for wrinkles,face and Neck Rejuvenation, cellulite and post-acne scars reduction.

    How does Mesotherapy with Dermaroller\DermaPen work?

    Micro-needle mesotherapy is a technique of skin microperforation with a special device called Dermarolle\DermaPen. It creates a controlled injury underneath the skin surface and in this way, induces the body to respond through the formation of new tissue layers of elastin and collagen fibres in the treated area. It improves microcirculation and tissue oxygenation. The skin plumps and thickens in response to this stimulation, ultimately reducing the appearance of fine lines, scars and hyperpigmantation. The perforation also allows for active substances to penetrate deep inside the skin.

    What are the indications for the treatment?

    • anti-aging treatments
    • acne and rosacea treatment
    • scars and stretch marks reduction
    • reduction of hyperpigmentation and depigmentation
    • cellulite and overweight fighting
    • revitalization of the skin damaged by bad habits, solarium, smoking, etc.
    • stimulating collagen and elastin production and natural skin regeneration

    What are the contraindications to the treatment?

    • keloid-prone skin
    • pregnancy and breastfeeding
    • allergies to the ingredients of active substances
    • diabetes
    • cancer
    • blood coagulability disorders
    • inflammation of the skin
    • viral, bacterial and fungal skin infections
    • excessive amount of warts and moles

    How is the treatment performed?

    The treatment starts with make-up removal and skin disinfection. Next, the cosmetologist performs microperforation with a Dermaroller\Dermapen. The procedure lasts about 10—15 minutes, depending on the target area. Throughout the treatment, highly concentrated active agents (mesococktail) are placed directly on the face. At the end of the procedure, a calming, hydrating, lifting face mask is applied.

    What are the benefits and effects of the treatment?

    • suitable for every skin type
    • safe, no side effects
    • improves skin firmness and elasticity
    • reduces wrinkles
    • improves face contours
    • evens skin tone
    • reduces stretch marks and cellulite
    • reduces scars including acne scars

    What are the post treatment recommendations?

    Needlingmesotherapy forces skin to regenerate and the controlled inflammation of the skin results in some intensive redness and swelling but these symptoms subside within 1-3 days. In order to nourish the skin, it is recommended to hydrate the skin regularly and apply a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 for 10 days. It is advised to avoid swimming pool, sauna, physical exercise, hot baths and alcohol for 4 days after the treatment.

    How many sessions are needed to achieve the desired effect?

    Best results are achieved after a series of 4-6 treatments repeated at 2-4 week intervals.

    Redermalization XelaRederm

    XelaRederm is a Redermalization treatment made by Hyalual® Institute. XelaRederm introduces hyaluronic acid and succinate into your skin cells and provides a powerful visual anti-age effect and a long-term result. Effectiveness of this new generation injectable anti-age product is proven by clinical studies, which show the dramatic improvement in the appearance of your skin.

    To understand the Redermalization treatment you need to understand the causes of ageing which include:

    • Dehydration of the skin
    • The effect of free radicals on the skin.
    • The slowing down of metabolic processes that in turn slows down the production of collagen in the skin.
    • Redermalization is the process of injecting a mixture of Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Succinate using a special technique, to rejuvenate the skin.
    • Hyaluronic acid is known for its hydrating properties, which addresses the first cause of ageing.
    • Succinic Acid blocks free radicals and has the effect of an antioxidant with powerful restorative properties, addressing the second cause of ageing. It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin at a cellular level, which addresses the third cause of ageing.
    • Succinic Acid has further been clinically proven to reduce pigmentation, making this an excellent treatment for improving pigmentation as well.
    • Redermalization aims to re-organise as well as stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibres – and in so doing results in skin renewal. Other injectable treatments target the tissue just beneath the skin – whereas XelaRederm is injected directly into the skin itself – treating the actual problem rather than just plumping from below.

    What are the benefits of Redermalization ?

    More youthful looking Skin

    Improved complexion

    Improved elasticity

    Reduction of wrinkle depth and length

    Skin lifting

    Improved skin tone and appearance of pigmentation Improved Hydration Acne scarring and Stretch-mark improvement Which area can be treated with Redermalization?

    Face, neck and décolletage.

    Hand rejuvenation.

    Body: sagging skin of the stomach and buttocks.

    Scars and stretch marks.

    What does a Redermalization treatment involve ?

    First, a numbing cream is applied before the procedure to avoid any discomfort.

    The XelaRederm is then injected into the skin using multiple tiny injections.

    A WOW mask is then applied.

    For optimal results, 3-6 treatments are required, dependent on the skin quality, with 2-3 weeks between each session.

    What occurs after the treatment ?

    Directly after the treatment, there will be very small bumps where the product has been injected. These bumps dissapear over a few hours once they are absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. The result is plumper, firmer and more hydrated skin. Apart from the bumps, there may be some mild redness and a chance of some small bruises.

    What are the side effects ?

    Most side effects are mild or moderate in nature and usually last less than 3/4 days . The most common side effects include it a temporary bumps under the skin, bruising, pain tenderness , swelling, itching and discolouration.

    Is there anyone that cannot be treated ?

    • Pregnant women
    • Breastfeeding mothers
    • Hypersensitivity reaction to HA or any other injectable cosmetic dermal filler Severe allergies Active cold sores

    Summary about Redermalization:

    Hypoallergenic and s afe with high biocompatibility Best Results 3-6 Treatments Duration of Results 6-8 Months Treatment Recovery 1-2 Days Risks & Complications Bruising Anaesthetic Topical Procedure Time 30 to 60 Mins Back To Work Next Day.


    If you are looking for an enhanced Micro-Needling experience and results, then the Dermapen could be a great option for you – it takes Micro-Needling that one step further and positively improves your skin texture and tone. The Dermapen|Dermaroller has the exceptional ability to control the depth of each needle, which is why it achieves the best possible results

    If you haven't experienced Micro-Needling treatments before, you might wonder why anyone would want to use a needling device. The answer is simple – your skin will look younger and fresher, and will always benefit from Micro-Needling treatment.

    Why choose Micro-Needling

    Micro-Needling with the Dermapen\Dermaroller is a very popular treatment at The Aesthetic Box , we recommends the Dermapen\Dermaroller for a lot of clients as it is a skin rejuvenation treatment that offers a solution for a wide variety of skin conditions and concerns.

    Through causing micro-injuries to your skin's epidermis,

    Dermapen stimulates collagen production and helps to remodel the damaged areas on your skin.

    The benefits of Micro-Needling with the Dermapen\Dermaroller

    The benefits of Micro-Needling with the Dermapen\Dermaroller

    • Skin tightening, natural collagen induction, lifting and rejuvenation
    • Improves wrinkles and fine lines
    • Improves acne scars
    • Minimises large pores
    • Improves hyper-pigmentation
    • Improves stretch marks
    • Helps treat alopecia (when used in conjunction with a topical treatment)
    • Aids penetration of active ingredients

    The Treatment

    Micro-needling, also known as "collagen induction therapy" (CIT), is a minimally invasive, non surgical procedure for skin rejuvenation. It involves the use of a micro-needling device, (manual or electronic) to create controlled micro-injury which, in turn, helps the skin to help itself. Skin needling provides results similar to laser resurfacing and deep chemical peels but at a fraction of the cost and with minimal discomfort or downtime.

    Each fine needle creates a channel, or micro-wound to the dermis. This controlled micro injury triggers the body to stimulate the wound healing response. Fibroblasts and growth factors are stimulated to fill these micro-wounds with new collagen and elastin. In addition, new capillaries are formed leading to greater oxygen and nutrient absorption for a brighter complexion. A course of 3- 6 treatments leads to a reduction of scarring and stimulates skin rejuvenation, with improved skin texture, firmness and pigmentation. Creating controlled micro injury to the deeper layers of the skin, without the removal of the healthy surface layers, as with other resurfacing techniques, means there is rapid healing time and the preservation of protection from the environment.

    There are various needling devices and at The Aesthetic Box we prefer to use an electronic micro-needling machine, known as the Dermapen. We have the Dermaroller available on request. The Dermapen is an FDA approved device that is proven to provide less discomfort, with minimal to no downtime and provides greater results than a roller. The added advantage of the pen is that the depth of needle penetration can be altered during treatment. This enables us to provide a truly bespoke treatment plan to minimise discomfort and maximise results around sensitive and not so sensitive areas. The tip of the pen is small, allowing it to pass closer to the eyes and nose for a more effective treatment in those areas that are of great concern to many. The vibration of the Dermapen also helps to minimise discomfort.

    What does the Dermapen\Dermaroller treatment involve?

    A thorough skin consultation is carried out, concentrating on helping you understand the procedure, possible side effects, and the importance of after care.

    The treatment area is disinfected and a topical anesthetic cream is applied and left to activate for 30 minutes. Once numb, working area by area, the numbing cream is removed, the skin disinfected and a hydrating, healing, hyaluronic acid serum is applied. Using a single use sterile treatment tip, the skin is needled in a 'Union Jack' pattern. Once the micro-needling is finished, the skin is cleansed using a gentle antiseptic cleanser, followed by an ice cold compress to soothe the treated area. A cooling hydrating gel is applied, followed by a mineral SPF 50 sunscreen.

    Long term results and skin health are achieved by a course of micro-needling treatments, regular advanced clinical facials and accompanied by a preventative, corrective and protective skincare programme.


    Day 1: Possible erythema and red appearance which varies between people

    Day 2: A red or pink hue persists like a moderate sunburn. Light swelling may be noticeable on waking and usually subsides as the day goes on.

    Day 3: Skin may still be slightly pink. The slight swelling has usually subsided.

    On subsequent days the skin may feel tight and dry.

    Your normal skincare programme can be resumed after day 3, with more active products being introduced after day 5 or when the skin has returned to normal.

    Appropriate skincare will be recommended on the day of your treatment to help accelerate the healing process, protect the skin from the environment and enhance your desired results.

    How long does the treatment take?

    30 minutes for numbing cream and 20-40 minutes for the Micro-Needling procedure. This is dependent on the area to be treated.

    Diamond Microdermabrasion

    We all want to look and feel our best. Over time, it is natural for our youthful appearance to fade. There is a new and innovative way to regain glowing skin using a unique facial treatment effective for nearly any skin type known as diamond microdermabrasion. It is simple and pain-free and can effectively reduce or eliminate wrinkles, acne, age spots, stretch marks, and more.

    What is diamond microdermabrasion?

    It is a procedure for deep cleansing of the skin. Dead skin cells are abraded and vacuumed off the face with a device that uses tips covered in tiny diamonds. The diamond tips, together with the strong suction, make it possible to cleanse the skin more thoroughly than with other procedures. With the flexibility of using different suction levels, it also increases blood flow to the skin, and that in turn, helps to produce collagen.

    What are the indications for the treatment?

    • post-acne scars
    • oily, congested skin
    • enlarged pores
    • blackheads, whiteheads
    • blemishes
    • skin discolouration
    • sun damage
    • stretch marks
    • small wrinkles
    • cellulite
    • dry or hardened skin
    • as an introduction to other skin treatments like chemical peels

    What are the contraindications to the treatment?

    • rosacea
    • viral, bacterial and fungal infections
    • psoriasis
    • keloid-prone skin
    • skin tags and melanoma
    • broken capillaries, thread veins
    • autoimmune disorders

    What are the benefits of diamond microdermabrasion?

    • highly effective
    • elimination of skin problems
    • treatment is painless
    • hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin
    • skin is rejuvenated

    What are the post-treatment recommendations?

    For a couple of days after treatment, the treated area will be more sensitive, therefore it is recommended not to take hot baths, use swimming pool, sauna or massage. Skin should be protected with a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every morning before going outdoors for the next 4 weeks to avoid sun induced brown discoloration of the skin. It is advised to drink increased amounts of mineral water (6-8glasses per day). One should avoid rubbing and scratching the skin.

    How many sessions are required to achieve the desired effect?

    Usually a series of 2-8 treatments is recommended (6 on average) at 1-2 week intervals. With every session, the effects of microdermabrasion are more visible. To maintain the achieved effect, it is advised to repeat the procedure every 4-6 weeks.

    What are the possible side effects?

    After the treatment, the treated area may be red for 1-3 hours and have a mild to moderate sunburned feeling that may persist in the treated areas for the next 2-3 days.

    Lips Enhancement

    Lips are an important part of facial beauty. Youthful, full and plump lips are a dream of many women. We can make this dream come true with a simple and safe dermal filler treatment that would add volume and definition to small, thin lips. The procedure can also balance out asymmetric lips or reduce the appearance of vertical lines.

    What are indications for lips enhancement?

    When deciding to undergo the procedure, we have to remember about the natural effect – the change should be fine and subtle. The treatment can be performed regardless of the patient's age. In young men and women the most often targeted problem is lips asymmetry – too thin upper or lower lip. In older people, the procedure involves rejuvenating - by reshaping the lip outline, a more youthful, appealing contour is achieved.

    What are the advantages of lips enhancement?

    • lips become fuller and more symmetrical
    • the contour and colour are considerably enhanced
    • the wrinkles around lips are reduced (smoker's lines)
    • lips are more plump and hydrated
    • lips are given a more youthful appearance

    What are the contraindications to dermal fillers injections?

    • pregnancy and breastfeeding
    • autoimmune disorders
    • active infection near the site of injection
    • a known allergy/hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid
    • keloid-prone skin

    How is the procedure performed?

    Before the procedure, a topical local anaesthetic cream may be applied to ensure the treatment is pain-free. Then, after cleansing the area to be treated, the doctor injects small amounts of dermal filler directly into the lips using an ultrafine needle. The treatment can take up to 30 minutes and then the lips will be massaged to ensure the substance is properly distributed.

    What are the post-treatment recommendations?

    For a few hours after the treatment, one should avoid excessive expression of the lips area. The patient shouldn't touch or massage the injected area unless specifically instructed to do so. For the following two weeks, the treated areas should not be exposed to intense heat (solarium, sauna).

    How long does the desired effect last for?

    The effect is instant and it lasts up to 12 months.

    What are the possible adverse effects?

    There may be some redness, tenderness, or swelling at the treatment site. This is a normal treatment response that will resolve itself within a few days. Mild bruising or a slight blush might also appear immediately following treatment and may last for 2-10 days.