A dental bridge is one way of replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Unlike dentures, a dental bridge is permanent and is fixed to the adjacent teeth or implants.

There are different types of dental bridge, depending on factors such as the quality of the adjacent teeth to the gap, or the position of the gap.

Different materials can also be used to construct the bridge, such as porcelain, metal or a combination of both.

With good oral hygiene and regular cleaning, your dental bridge can last for many years. Our team of dentists and the hygienist can advise on the most effective techniques to look after your bridge.

It is important to decide whether a dental bridge is the right option for you. Our team at Queensway dental practice are happy to go through the options with you and discuss any questions you may have.

Please click on the consent form which we require all patients undertaking bridge work to complete prior to treatment.

Please also see the pages entitled Dentures and Implants as other possible options to replace missing teeth.